Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shortcut Object and its parent folder

Have you always wondered how to get the shortcut object & it's parent folder. This requirement is imminent in folders where you have tens of shortcut transformations & mappings. Below query can get you what you want.

select shortcut_name, 
case s.object_type
when 21 then 'Mapping'
when 23 then (select o.object_type_name
from opb_object_type o
,opb_widget w
where w.widget_id = s.object_id
and w.widget_type = o.object_type
when 24 then 'Target'
when 25 then 'Source'
when 44 then 'Mapplet'
else 'Nothing'
end Object_Type,
decode(s.object_type, 21, (select f.subj_name
from opb_subject f,
opb_mapping m
where m.mapping_id = s.object_id
and m.subject_id = f.subj_id
23, (select f.subj_name
from opb_subject f,
opb_widget w
where w.widget_id = s.object_id
and w.subject_id = f.subj_id
25, (select f.subj_name
from opb_subject f,
opb_src src
where src.src_id = s.object_id
and src.subj_id = f.subj_id
24, (select f.subj_name
from opb_subject f,
opb_targ t
where t.target_id = s.object_id
and t.subj_id = f.subj_id
44, (select f.subj_name
from opb_subject f,
opb_widget w
where w.widget_id = s.object_id
and w.subject_id = f.subj_id
) obj_original_folder
from opb_shortcut s,
opb_subject f
where s.subject_id = f.subj_id
and f.subj_name = 'FOLDER_NAME'


Ambika said...

can u send me the architecture of informatica..

Thank u..

Radhakrishna Sarma said...

Hi Ambika,

Can you tell me what you mean by Informatica architecture? You mean metadata architecture?

If you want 8.x architecture, can you send me your email address?


Raju Thota said...

hi Radhakrishna,

I am new to Informatica and your blogs is very usefull to understand from high level to low level.

I would like to understand the metadata architecure, could you send an email to raju.10.thota@gmail.com please.
Thanks for help.

HealthMan said...
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lavanya said...

Hi RadhaKrishna,

I have gone through your performnace issue blogs. I satisfied very much with your explanation. I need PPT about informatica performance.

Could you please provide me.

Lavanya G

virendra yadav said...

online calculator

Great post! I've got an idea here. Thanks for sharing this information. It will really help.

chanukya said...

Hi Sharma,

Can you please help me out how to implement this portion in informatica.

i have a customer. Customer ID is primary key. For few customers, we are having 4 to 5 records. I need to give them rank in such a way that latest record of him should be one. We need to give rank to that customer by sorting. and the next customer may have one or two records and basing on the same we need to give the ranks again. How can implement this. For multiple records of the customers, we need are having start date, end date. WE need to group those records into one set and then have to give ranks. By rank trans, i tried but it was not giving correct results.

Aruna said...

Thanks for the post sharma it help us a lot...

Philips Huges said...

Its very useful to me. Wonderful blog.. Thanks for sharing informative Post.

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