Wednesday, March 5, 2008

10000 BC - utter disappointment (10000 bc movie review)

10000 BC...

One of the most boring movies I had seen in recent times. All the incidents from the film are neither factual nor practical.

***** SPOILER *****

Plot is quite simple. Our young hero goes in search of his stolen girl friend and travels across mountains, rivers, deserts and what not! He finally reaches the place where she is held in captivity as a slave. He fights with the people who held her and frees every one from the captivity.

Most of the scenes in the movie seem ridiculous to me. With great difficulty, I can pickup two of them to the most-ridculous category.

One - When the hero falls into a trap, he finds that a smilodon/sabre-toothed tiger is also trapped and the tiger got stuck in some wooden frame. He tries to kill it, but finally saves it thinking it wouldn't kill him. To our surpise, the tiger doesn't kill him, but leaves that place. When the hero was surrounded by a group of strangers who try to kill him, this smilodon appears and the scene looks as, if this tiger had come to save the hero.

Two - When the hero is around 12 years of age, he says this to his young girl friend. "All the clouds move, but that brighter cloud in the middle (is referring to the Moon), doesn't move. In the same way, my love to you, doesn't go away from my heart." This is the first dialogue he utters to his girl friend when he first meets her.

With some horrible disturbing characters, this film climax looked more like the Apocalypto human-sacrifice scene. If one can digest the gratitude of the obligate carnivorous, sentimental dialogues which are of distant-reality, this film is a very good entertainer.

One salute if you don't watch the movie after reading this review, two if you do.
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