Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Informatica 9 Launch

Though the webinar on Informatica 9 launch is studded with Key Note, Breakouts etc., I could only grab these points from the presentation about the new version.

  • Logical Data objects - Something like a source, to which you can apply certain rules (set of mapplets or transformations) and you can deploy them as SQL services or web services so that you can view the data using a Browser. Note that till Informatica 8.x, you could only run transformations by creating a mapping, but in Informatica 9, you don't need a mapping, but a data object would do.
  • Informatica Developer tool - The only client tool I could see in the webinar is something with "D" as a task-bar icon, doesn't necessarily mean "Designer" as in 8.x.
  • Powerful Search tool to search the entire metadata for a port-name or even for a transformation name.
  • With the new Analyst tools, there is extensive flexibility to the Business user to customize the Informatica objects for his needs. This would substantially reduce the Development effort, but considering the effort/cost in training Business Users to customize the developed Informatica objects, I am not sure if it is all a cake-walk.
  • There are no two different objects as source or target. You can just import one object and can be used as a Source and also as a target, there by reducing the metadata storage.

    Please note that I have not seen the New version yet, all the above is only from the webinar that I have attended at


Ravz said...

Hi Sarma,
This is related to one existing mapping here in my client's repository. This mapping is taking great amount of time and we want to tune it. We noticed that mapping is having great number of Lookup transformations. So much of the time is spent in creating the cache for these transformations. We can have lookup on most of these tables by joining in the SQ itself. But it will also make our query run for greater time. Would this join in SQL Override improve the performance.
Data in Source: around 1.5 million
Data in lookup tables: around 0.8 million(There are around 8 such Lookup transformations all having nearly same number of rows).

Please suggest!!

pkurra said...


You can consider some of the below suggestions.
1. Try to create the right indexes if the lookup sql's are taking lot of time.
2. In Config Object tab in session properties try setting the below 2 properties
"Additional Concurrent Pipelines for Lookup Cache Creation" (increase the thread count)
"Pre-build lookup cache" (set to always allowed).

Radhakrishna Sarma said...

Hi Ravz,

Apart from what pkurra has suggested, you can just have a look at this other article on lookups which tells you some other ways to handle it. For a specific solution to the problem, I can not suggest until I see the mapping.


Ravz said...

Thanks pkurra and Sarma, I understood the tuning for lookup. But I wanted to ask that whether joining tables in Source Qualifier itself would improve the performance or not?

Radhakrishna Sarma said...

Hi Ravz,

Joining the tables in SQL qualifier is just an alternative method. We can not really say if it performs better. Many times database is able to handle the joins effectively that the lookup. You can try to place the lookups in the SQL override and see if that works. In most cases, "yes" it should perform better. Also you will not have cache concentions if you use SQL override.


Ravz said...

Thanks Sarma!!
I have another query like if we are having rejected rows in mapping and than we are not handling them as a part of Data quality checks, would it impact our performance. I mean would it be reason for bad performance?

Radhakrishna Sarma said...

Hi Ravz,

Where are the rejected records getting stored in the Bad file or in the PMERR* Error logging tables?

If it is the later, then yes, there is a performance impact with that.


Anonymous said...

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Tejasvi said...

Hi Sharma,

Can u plz send me the ppts which u told in ur post


Sree Raghava said...

Hi Sharma,

Can u plz send me the ppts which u told in ur post

thanks in advance.

raghu said...

can this informatica metadata tables can be used in maaping,
i m using the infa 8.6.1 cleint, unbale to find any of the metadata objects.
how to find this,, can you write down the steps.

Praveenb6 said...

Hi Radhakrishna,
I read your blogs on informatica blog too, and found them very useful. Thanks for your sharing knowledge.
I have one query, hope you may help me out.
i want get the all the list of email infromation in email tast and post session success and failuer email. can you please tell me how can i get the information.
Thanks in advance.


Marriage Photos said...

Hi Radha,
This is Ashok.I observed widget type for sql transformation and union transformation is there anyway to identify or distinguish the transformation which is sharing same widget type other than widget name? please help me out your help highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarma,
Could you help out on the below issue,
my stage table is loaded with 72 records and when i ran a mapping from stage to fact ,100 records are loading in fact table.

Please suggest.

Arjun said...

Hi Radha,

I am working on query to get the run time statistics which gives me folder name,workflow name,session name and transformation wise.
I could able to get the data till session level. I am not sure which table has transformation wise execution statistics.
I am using these 2 tables for getting Folder,workflow,session name details.


Can you please share the table which has transformation source/ target execution statistics for getting Applied rows, Affected rows, Rejected rows.
Thanks in Advance.

Anonymous said...


I want to see the commands executed in the background when I create a user / group / grant privelages, using the adminconsole GUI options. I am sure that every action performed in adminconsole shoots same backgroud command's to completely sucessfuly.

For example : at the time of New Installation of Informatica PowerCenter there is a log create (
PowerCenter_8.5.1_InstallLog.log) at the Installation home directory, and all the infasetup / infacmd commands executed during the Installation is recorded in that particular file.

I appreciate all your comments and response, so please...


Bhattiprolu Srinivas said...

Hi Rk Sir,

I hav one doubt regarding the metadat tables..

I hav created one user in through admin console. however i did nt get those details in OPB_USERS metadata table..

Can u please guide me in this context.


Manas Ranjan Pradhan said...

Hi Radhkrishna,

Please share me if you have any handy oracle query to extract following metadata object in PC 8.5.1 repository table.

Folder Name ,

Workflow name ,

Session name ,

Mapping Name ,

Source type ,

No Of Sources,

Target type,

No Of Targets,

No of Transformations

Transformation Name,


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